For over two centuries, canned foods have been available for people to eat nutritious foods anytime from anywhere. In this fast world where time is money, people need more time to go to restaurants and eat leisurely. Tin food cans made of tin-coated steel have been one of the best methods for packaging food for over two hundred years. Its use continues for the global canned food market to reach 100.92 from 91.9 dollars from 2019 to 2027. Also, general line cans are best for packaging protein powder, baby food, ghee, coffee, etc., because of their many advantages. It includes providing a barrier to oxygen, bacteria, moisture, rodents, etc., to make tin cans in high demand in food and other industries. 

This article will discuss the many benefits of tin food cans to not only hold nutrients but also as a marketing strategy to sell food & beverages worldwide. 

What are tin food cans?

Canning foods have existed for a long time and are part of many human cultures. Tin is a rare metal which alloys with steel in a small amount to make tin cans. Though tin is not as precious as gold, it is available only in a few mines worldwide. Hence many food cans made now are from aluminium or steel with tin coating. But the common name of tin food cans is still in use for its many benefits. It keeps fresh vegetables or fruits safe without contamination and ensures baby food, supplements and others without losing their nutrition. 

Ten benefits of tin food cans

Of the many tin cans available general line cans offer the best packaging solutions for many products, from edible oil, biscuits, protein powder, baby food, etc. It is because of its versatility and durability, among many other benefits. From pillar-proof protection to food, these cans act as marketing tools with excellent printing with vibrant colours, sizes, shapes and designs. With the deadly virus corona increasing health awareness among people, the use of tin food cans is on the rise. It is because of its safety, reliability, durability, and aesthetics. There are many benefits of it, including the following among others. 

  1. Keeps food hygienic by preventing food from getting contaminated by bacteria, oxygen, rodents, pests, moisture and others and keeps its nutrient value intact
  2. Increases the shelf life and also lures the customers to buy the products with all the information given on the packaging in bright colours and beautiful looks
  3. Offers the highest tamper and leakproof and also stackable to store it safely and easily and also to open without any difficulty
  4. It does not require any secondary packaging as tins have versatility and shape ability to keep all foods from meat, milk, seafood, health powders and others.
  5. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and does not cause any carbon footprint that could damage mother earth.
  6. Since lightweight, it does not add much weight to the food product but is strong enough to keep them safe even in challenging conditions.
  7. Are budget-friendly to cost less by avoiding travel to long distances to buy fresh meat, seafood, fruits, etc. but can store food tins to cook anytime?
  8. It is convenient to use vegetables and fruits anywhere to avoid junk food and be healthy without any diseases.
  9. East to carry in the bags to eat uncontaminated fruits and vegetables packed with the minimal process to have the entire nutrition value
  10. Cost-effective food packaging solutions to increase sales using the right printed solutions to increase its value 

The above facts and benefits will convince anyone to buy tin food cans and general line cans for hygienic packing of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, baby food, edible oil, etc. and to be safe from contamination to keep the nutrition value intact.